Why do the HCG Diet?

This article will give you a great overall snap shop of why HC-Slim (HCG Diet) is so effective, fast and beneficial for weight loss. 

 Why do the HCG Diet, we hear you ask?

HC-Slim is very different from any other weight loss program you may have read about or even tried. If you follow the HC-Slim Protocol, you will have incredible weight loss results. HCG works to keep your body in fat-burning mode long-term versus carb-burning mode. The actual HC-Slim Program consists of lots of lean protein, veggies, increased water intake, and a decrease in the consumption of grains. This is in conjunction with taking HC-Slim 3 times per day orally.

How does HCG work in reducing weight?

HCG works for resetting the hypothalamus so that the body works to mobilise abnormal fat. Our body then begins to release fat stores, which signals that our body has had enough to eat. This is why you don’t typically feel hungry while on HCG, and the exact reason why you tend to feel hungry on other diets is that normal diets do not mobilise the fats stores.

This brings us to the next point. When people hear about The HCG diet, the first thing that often comes to mind is “low calorie.” While it is a more restrictive diet, you can be sure that you are still consuming enough food and calories. Fat is stored as calories, and since our body is in “fat-burning mode”, as we call it, while on HCG, our body is getting enough calories through our own fat stores. This is why the losses are so significant. You can only lose weight when the fat stores are burnt as energy.

 That brings me to the nutritional content of the HCG diet. As mentioned above, the diet consists of lean protein, veggies, and increased water intake. By drinking 2-3 litres of water every day, your body will flush out the build-up of unwanted fluids, hydrate cells, and improve metabolism and fat mobilisation. Increased water intake works to help manage hunger signals, mentally and physically.

Why is eating protein necessary while on the HCG Diet?

Protein makes up muscle; therefore, if you do not consume adequate amounts of protein, your body will not have the building blocks it needs to maintain muscle mass. You’re probably thinking, “exercise helps to build muscle too.” Without enough protein, your body will continue to look for alternate ways to create protein and eventually fatigue.

This is why we recommend increasing protein intake while on HCG and minimal exercise; we want to maintain your muscle mass and do not want the body looking for other ways to create protein. Protein can be added or even substituted using HCG Diet approved protein shakes.

To Conclude.

While the HCG Diet is a restricted calorie diet. You are still receiving all the calories your body requires to function. The HCG allows the fats to be used pretty much immediately. Using these fat stores consistently over the 26 or 40-day course creates impressive weight loss. Weight loss you can see daily on the scales.  

If you want to join over 30,000 New Zealanders who have already completed our program try the HC-Slim program, you can check out our programs here.

Or, if you have questions, you can email us here.

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