Actual cost to do The HCG Diet including the food.

When you embark on any weight loss program, there is usually a cost. Whether it is monthly fees, special shakes, protein bars, running shoes or gym memberships.

So in this week’s blog, I wanted to go into the actual cost of doing our HCG diet program, including the groceries.

 As you may know, the food that you eat on our HC-slim program is just regular everyday foods bought from any supermarket such as Pack n Pave or New world. You don’t have to buy any special pre-made meal packs or snack bars for the weight to start falling off. Nor do you need to exercise, but that is an article for another day. 🙂

Because The HCG Diet can be done anywhere up to 48 days, I thought I would break this down week by week.

This is a typical shop that a person would do just before starting the HCG Diet. This is what is needed to get you going and to start seeing the results.

In one week there are 14 main meals. Each meal consists of protein and vegetables. Below you can see the food that was purchased.

Mixing Vegetables on Phase photo

So let’s break this down

The Meat!
We spent $36.36 on meat. This actually gave us enough for about 16-17 meals. Taking into consideration trimming off the fat and the bits you don’t eat.

We also included six eggs which would be enough for another two meals worth of protein. So we have enough protein for 18-20 Meals or 9-10 days.

The Vegetables
The vegetables here are enough to do 3-5 days. But allow another $6 for something midweeks, such as broccoli and some beans, for example. This way, your vegetables are fresh.

Here there are seven apples and seven oranges. I am allowing 1 of each every day.

Starch Snacks
You are allowed two snacks per day. The corn thins and cruskits we bought will last close to 2 weeks here.



So if we add this up

Meat $36.36 (Butcher)
Vegetables, fruit, starch and other protein $ 36.60 (New World)
Midweek vegetable shop $6

Total: $78.96 Per week

Usually, when you start, you may have a few extra costs. These can include seasonings such as Masterfoods, dried herbs etc. It may also include stevia and apple cider vinegar.

So depending on your tastes allow $20 in the first week. But most of this will last for a few weeks if not more.

Of course, everybody’s tastes are different, and you may have a more refined pallet, but this article is more for those that are worried about the cost of losing weight.
You may want to eliminate meat if you are vegetarian/vegan. Here you can substitute the cost of tofu etc.

So to conclude based on what is above. The first week of doing the diet will cost around $100 and every week afterwards will be around $80.

If we are looking at the true cost to complete the HCG diet, we have to take into consideration what a person would normally spend on food for themselves. This, of course, will be different for each person. Are you buying for a family? Do you live by yourself or with flatmates? But more often than not, a person will spend more than 80 per week on food. Even if you are just buying your lunch every day, it can add up to around $80, just for lunches.

If you take into consideration the money saved over a 26-day course, on just the change in the food, the offset, in most cases pays for a considerable amount of the cost of the 26 Day Course. Over the 40 day course, it almost always covers the cost.

So even though there is an upfront cost to start the HCG Diet, the end cost can be quite minimal, if anything at all. If you are spending less each week by staying away from takeaways or your regular meals/snacks by about $30 (4.20 per day), Then the cost of the 26-day course would be close to $0

On a 40 day kit, you would actually have $20 more than if you hadn’t done the HCG diet. When we discuss this with people, considering doing the diet. Many times when this is explained, it changes their way of thinking. Seeing that the actual cost of the diet goes deeper than just buying the courses.

Hopefully, that helps anybody out there worried about doing a weight loss because it is just not in the budget.

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