The HCG Diet: Mixing Your Vegetables

In today’s blog, I wanted to cover the sometimes confusing topic of mixing vegetables while on Phase 2 of the HCG Diet..

When it comes to the original HCG Diet protocol that was written in the ’60s by the late Doc, Albert Simeons he clearly states to have only one type of vegetable per meal. Why?… Well, no one really knows. He never gave an explanation. He walked 10,000 people successfully through his protocol with the same amazing results we now pass onto our clients.

So perhaps he tested mixing and non-mixing and saw a better result.
Others argue it is because different vegetables metabolise at different rates by our bodies.

But personally, I think he did this because he believed it kept the diet simple and easier to follow for his patients. With just one vegetable, there is no confusion on measuring out the correct amounts, they were less likely to overeat and in turn less likely to cheat.

Most providers of the HCG Diet out there stick to the one veg rule. And we did in the beginning also. But fast forward to today and having almost 30,000 clients from New Zealand and around the world we like to think we know a thing or three. And observing our clients step outside of the protocol and mix their veges, we have never seen any change in the results.

We like to take an approach to the HCG Diet that allows each person doing it, to not feel restricted. If it easy and enjoyable, then you are less likley to cheat and slip up. This is why we removed Melba and Grissini from the plan and replaced them with cheaper and easier to find options. This is one of the reasons why our version of the HCG Diet is so successful. We have made it easy to do, without compromising on the actual results.

So in conclusion, you can mix your veges. We say no more than three and as long as you keep to the allowed amounts. If you are enjoying the diet and seeing the daily results, you will succeed.

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