HCG Diet Tips: Cheating

It’s possible to Fix an Hcg Diet Cheat with just a few steps and keep your momentum going. The truth is, there are few people who complete the Hcg Diet Plan without some incident that qualifies as the dreaded“cheat.”


Often this is by accident, but occasionally, it was an active stray, or maybe (hopefully) a planned cheat. While both can easily be corrected, it is important that they are done so as soon as possible. This is because the true damage of “cheating” on the HCG Diet is the psychological factor which can easily lead sabotaging your efforts to date. Here are a few tips for getting back on track with minimal damage:

Steps to Fix an Hcg Diet Cheat:

Fix #1
Your Hcg Diet cheat cannot last more than 1 hour. Remember the days of thinking, “well today’s diet is ruined, I’ll eat whatever I want for the rest of today and start over tomorrow.” Those days are over. Keep the cheat under an hour, and you minimize the damage; under 1 hour and your blood glucose levels can recover quickly. Your calorie, sugar and carb intake are easily balanced. Most importantly, your mind can forgive, learn and continue the momentum you were on. This is the lesson: keep moving forward.

Fix #2
Immediately drink a glass of water. A small and simple step that can make a huge difference. 1st, this dilutes and flushes. Sugars are diluted, and blood sugar levels can recover quicker. More of what you have eaten can be flushed through your body just after you have eaten it.

Fix #3
Eat/drink some fibre. Either via a supplement or (preferably) a high fibre food such as beans or broccoli.

Fix #4
Walk it off. Or run… or swim… or bike… whatever your preference is, immediately complete at least 20 minutes of physical activity that raises your heart rate, in addition to your daily exercise routine. Again, this will not only help balance your body’s blood sugar levels, but it is almost an important psychological step in staying on track with your HCG Diet journey.

Most Important
Don’t beat yourself up. This is a great lesson: you are going to learn to live effortlessly healthy and to do that, you will need to understand there is no such thing as a “cheat.” There is simply a level of balance that keeps you healthy. At the end of your HCG Diet, you want to find a place where you can eat whatever you want… just some things will be in moderation.

If you are struggling and not sure where to go for support, you can start in our private facebook support page. Search “HCG Diet Support NZ” On Facebook. or you can get one on one support by emailing us.

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