The HCG Diet For Weight Loss. Let’s Be Realistic.

How much weight can you realistically lose on the HCG diet?
his would be by far the most asked question that we get when somebody is thinking about jumping onboard to try HC-Slim for the first time. In this blog post, I am going to share with you the realistic losses that a person should expect and dispel some of the untruths put out there from other companies.

Will you lose 1 Kg per day?
The simple answer is no. While the HCG does have some drastic results when it comes to how much you will lose. It will not be 1 kg per day as claimed by some companies.

Will you lose “up to” 1 Kg per day?
Technically yes, but this is made to be misleading so you will buy from them. But, this ultimately leads to disappointment and the feeling that you have failed even though you would have had some great results. But because you heard “1 Kg” per day, your expectations were unrealistic.

So let’s go back to the last one. Technically you will lose up to 1 Kg per day but most days it will not be near 1 Kg. I mean come on 1kg.. per day. That’s just crazy. Thats 2 blocks of butter.

You can have a 1 Kg loss on a given day, but this is not sustainable over the course and there will be a correction. This will typically happen in the first week when the body dispels water.

Weight loss over Phase 2 of the HCG will vary and it is impossible to tell exactly what someone will lose. But being the largest provider of the HCG Diet in Australasia we think we have a pretty good idea of what is actually realistic.

So what is realistic?
We say, on average, over Phase Two of the HCG Diet you will lose between 250-350 grams per day. Now, when we say per day this will vary but we take the average over the course of the diet. Some days you may lose 400 grams then the next day you may 100 grams. So it is based on an average. The more days on the diet, the more accurate the average will be.

On a 40 Day Basic Course, you can expect to lose 9-15Kgs

On a 26 day course, you would lose 5-8 Kgs

Days on Phase Two divided by the total weight loss to date. This can be higher if you use Control and Powerslim which helps our clients to not have “Slip Ups” and stalls.

We do have clients that have lost well over these average losses, but we don’t like to use these as examples. As mentioned above, unrealistic examples can lead to a feeling of disappointment. We have even had testimonials and photos from our clients where they had some absolutely incredible losses. But we never used these as on our website for that exact reason. It leads to unrealistic expectations.

What about men doing the HCG Diet?
Guys tend to lose 10-20% more than average stated above. The main reason is that guys very rarely have stalls. Or if they do, only last a day or so. Women, during their period, will almost always have slower weight loss and in some cases a stall. This is just the bodies way of dealing with fat during this time and it is completely normal and expected. I have lost count of the amount of woman that are doing the HCG diet with their partners that have called us, upset that he is losing more than her! For some reason I always picture him sitting in the background with a smirk on his face 🙂

If you are using the Ultimate HCG Kits you can expect another 1-2 Kgs loss on average. It is important if you want to get the best results you must stick to the Diet plan 100%. Any small slips ups can have a drastic result on the end result.

In addition, always remember if you are thinking about trying the HCG diet, to make sure you buy from a reputable company. We get so many people calling our support line saying the weight loss is very slow. Only to quickly realise they bought a cheap version online.

Well, there you have it, the truth about what you should expect to lose while on the HCG Diet. Sorry to say, it won’t be 1kg per day.

If you are thinking about trying the HCG diet to shift that unwanted weight, then please check out plans here. Or call our support team on 0800 035 594

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