Fast Full. The HCG Diet’s Ultimate Side Kick

10 Months ago, we decided we needed a new solution to some of the oldest problems people faced when doing the HCG diet. As some of you may know, the original protocol was written in the 1960’s and nothing really changed until we came along. And even now, many companies that provide the diet to their customers still insist on using snacks and beauty products that are hard to find, expensive and undoubtedly unnecessary in this day and age.

We solved this problem by introducing easy to find, affordable substitutes to these “ancient” problems.

But still, some problems remained. And being the largest provider of the HCG diet in New Zealand and Australia, we see it our responsibility to solve these problems and take it to the next level.

So that’s what we did.

Problem Number 1
Not feeling full after a meal. And then cheating.
Because our bodies take time to adjust when first starting the HCG diet, sometimes in the first week or so there can be a “feeling” of needing to eat more to satisfy that feeling of being full. This is just our brains telling us that there is room in the belly for more. Some supplements can work overtime such as control, but nothing that works on an instant physical level — for example, drinking 2 litres of water with a meal to fill up space in your stomach until your stomach adjusts its size. This method does work, but it only lasts for about 30 mins or so, and it is not a comfortable feeling, especially in winter.

The Solution
Glucomannan is the only natural supplement that has been approved by the EFSA to reduce a person appetite and aid in weight loss effectively.
You can read the EFSA here.

Glucomannan is a 100% natural plant fibre, the same plant fibre that Kojac noodles (aka slim noodles or zero noodles) are made from. These vegan-friendly capsules have zero calories and when taken with water will expand to about 17 times its size — creating that the feeling of fullness in less than 30 minutes and drastically reducing the urge to cheat.
Basically, you are filling up on plant fibre. And did I mention they have zero calories?

Problem Number 2
Water Retention

 A common problem on the HC Diet diet is our bodies holding onto water, and because the HCG diet requires 2-3 litres per day, this can lead that bloating feeling aswell as inaccurate readings on the scales. Giving the illusion of a stall or even a gain in weight.
The Solution. Dandelion root.

The Solution
Dandelion root in natural and gentle diuretic that helps reduce water retention. Dandelion root is also often taken in conjunction with a detoxification diet.

Problem Number 3
Constipation or irregular bowel movements.

It is vital to stay regular while doing the HCG diet. This is not just for the obvious comfort factor but also so you can get accurate daily readings on the scales to monitor your progress. Not staying regular will give the diet the impression the diet is not working or worse you have had a gain in weight. But similar to water retention this just an illusion, but it can leave you feeling dishearten and wanting to give up.

The Solution
Because Glucomannan is 100% plant fibre it acts the same way as Metamucil. It helps slow down digestion and helps bowel movements pass much more easily.


Fast Full’s The main ingredient, Glucomannan, when combined with our proprietary formula, will not only drastically your reduce appetite and aid in fast, effective weight loss. It will also help reduce Cholesterol, minimise the glycemic index of every meal you have, help control blood sugar levels, and even act as probiotic.

Fast Full is the ultimate supplement to be taken alongside the HC-Slim diet program.

When to use:
Phase 2 and Phase 3.
Fast can be taken even after the diet as a separate supplement to help keep you at your target weight.



Full Fast Label2

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