Why do we need to load? And can we skip it?

If you find the loading days for the HCG Diet, a difficult concept to grasp then welcome to the club.

I mean, come on, we are trying to lose weight here, not scoff down on Wendys and KFC. It makes no sense…Or does it?

It can be very counter-intuitive to think that for the first two days of the HCG diet you supposed to “Gorge” on fatty foods. On the one hand, we most diets saying to avoid fatty foods, and then with us we are telling you must spend the first two days eating high fats foods.

So why do you have to do it? And why not just skip the Loading phase?

Here’s why; we all have something that we referred to as fat stores. These fats stores are located all throughout the body. They allow us to store fat so that if we need it later, it’s there to be burnt as energy.

During the main phase of the HCG Diet, our bodies continue to burn the same amount of calories, or more, as it would on any other normal day. But because you are eating only 500-700 Calories per day, your body looks to get the energy its needs from elsewhere. This is where those magic fat stores come in. Your body will use these stored fats as energy – this is what makes the weight loss on the HCG diet so dramatic.

So this is why we load. Without those fat stores being well stocked your body can go into “starvation mode” and hold onto the fat causing stalls in the weight loss at an early stage in the HCG diet. Also if these fats stores were not topped up, you could feel hungry when you begin phase 2.

If you are concerned about gaining weight, don’t be. You may gain 500 grams – 1Kg during these days, but you will more than make up for it with the amount of weight you’ll be losing in the first week alone.

It is important to stay away from sugary fats, such as lollies, chocolate, and ice creams. These are mostly counted as empty calories and will not help you at all. Instead, stick to fats like bacon, eggs, burgers, fried chicken. But also add some good fats in also such as cheese, salmon, and meats.

So to say that the Loading Days are important is an understatement. In fact, they are one of the main elements in the HCG Diet’s key to success.

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