HCG Diet Stalls: The Apple day

Stalls, how we hate them. But we do love apples and lucky for us we can use apples to break a stall while on phase 2 of the HCG Diet.

What is the Apple Day?

An apple day is used to correct a stall in weight loss (no loss in 4 days) during Phase 2 of the HCG Weight Loss Plan. An apple day always begins at lunchtime one day and ends at lunch the following day. On the following day, you have your dinner as you normally would.

During these two days, you can eat no more than 6 large apples. You are free to space these out as you like.

When it comes to drinking water, you should only drink enough to quench your thirst. This includes tea and coffee. So you can leave the 2- 3 Litres of water off the table for these two days. Continue taking HC-slim three times per day.

A stall will usually correct 1-2 days after the apple day has finished.

If you are experiencing a stall, it is recommended to check a few things first because there may be an easier way to get things moving again.

Check these links before starting the apple day.



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