Most Asked Question ” Why has my weight loss slowed down?”

Every day, we get so many of our of clients asking us this very question:
Why has my weight loss slowed down? I have been doing the same thing every day!
So we are going to break it down in today’s HCG diet blog.

 This would be one of the most asked support questions for people doing the HCG diet.

Picture this; you have started on Phase 2, you are losing weight at an outstanding rate per day. Sometimes up to 1 Kg per day. You are so happy! You are thinking by day 26 you will be 26 Kgs lighter. But then without any warning on day 9 your amazing weight loss drops to just 100grams for that day. You think, “hmmm let see what happens tomorrow”
The next morning comes around, you step on those trusty scales that have now become your new bestie, hoping that they are more kind to you today.
But no, the loss today is only 50 grams. You feel betrayed. You ask yourself “What did I do?, I’m a good person, I recycle, I’m kind to animals. Why has this happen to me!”

It’s ok, relax, Let me explain. And trust me, it’s normal.

First, we have to understand that our bodies are not machines and no two bodies are the same. If you have ever watched a show like the biggest loser or Downsize me, you may have noticed the people losing weight will have weeks where they lose a lot and weeks where they are so upset because they worked just as hard that week, but lost very little.
This is because our bodies cannot lose weight at a consistently each day, and because we encourage daily weigh-ins, you are looking so closely you notice every single gram.

Whereas some HCG’ers lose a steady rate over the course of the diet, there are others that lose the most at the start and those that lose the most towards the end. There is no way to tell which way a person will go until you have started on Phase 2.

So how do we overcome this?

The most important to do is take notice of how much you have achieved so far.

This is how we do it:
Calculate how much weight you have lost to date from the day before you started the HCG Diet. Divide that by how many days you have been on the diet. This gives the average loss per day. Very very rarely will someone maintain 800 grams lost for more than 10 days. After this time the losses will be lower, possibly around 100 grams

So here’s a typical example:

The first 4 days you lose 800 grams
The next day you lose 500 grams
The following 2 days you lose 200 grams
The next 4 days you lose just 150 grams
The next day you lose 100 Grams
The next day you lose 50 Grams (and you start to panic!)
The next day you lose 0 Grams (OMG what is happening!)
The next day you lose 0 Grams (You are now in self-destruct mode!)
(Stalls will break themselves but there are things you can do to try and speed it up)

15 Days on the HCG Diet. Total loss 4.8 Kgs

4.8Kgs / 15 Days = 320 Grams per day.

The average or normal if want to call it that is 250 grams – 350grams per day. So this example, even though the weight loss has slowed right down is on track to be a great weight loss. When the stall breaks the average will be around 300gram ish per day.
This example is very typical of what can be expected. It can go the other way where the loss is slow at the start. This is can be disheartening as it looks like the diet is not working, but I can assure you it’s just the way your body is going to react and lose weight and you really just have to hang in there, don’t cheat or give up. And the results will come.

Always remember, your body WILL lose the weight if you stick to the HCG diet protocol. Even between rounds, it can vary as to how the weight comes off. Sometimes this can be mistaken for the second round was not as effective because the weight started off slower. But just hang in there!

If you do start to experience a stall, this blog post will be a big help.

So there it is guys, the most asked support question when it comes to The HCG Diet. Hopefully, it helps 🙂

If you found this article useful and you think by sharing it will help others, please do so below.

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