A Visual Guide To Fat Loss

Whether you are doing the HCG diet or any other type of weight loss, we can all too often feel like the weight loss has not been “enough”. It is hard to visualise exactly how much has been lost, because the fat has been lost all over the body. It is only when we get to 4-5 Kgs that we really, start to see the results.

The purpose of this months blog is to visually show what the actual fat loss has been.

On the HCG Diet, it is very common to lose 1/2 a kilogram of fat in 2-3 days. The truth is 1/2 Kg of fat lost is quite a nice pile, if you were to group it together.

Let me demonstrate:

1/2 Kilogram of fat.
This is what you will lose on our HCG Diet Program every 2-3 days on average.

half Kg Of fat


3 Kilograms of fat.

3kg Fat 1


20 Kilograms of fat.

20kgs of fat


So it is important to take note that a 1/2 Kgs loss of fat is huuuuge achievement, even if you can not see visual see it in the mirror at first. And remember every little bit, each day counts toward that final goal.


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