Lack of Water Leads to Cheating

When you first embark on your HCG Diet weight loss journey, the one thing you will pay the closest attention to, if not ALL your attention is what you will be eating. You will closely monitor the food intake to make sure you are staying within the allowed limits of the HCG diet protocol. And this is a perfect start! But one other essential element, that is very often over looked is your intake of water.

Now, most people will never think that water has that much, or if anything at all, to do with losing weight. But the reality is that it actually plays an essential role.

The truth is that most of us dehydrated most of the time. We think because we are not thirsty, we are well hydrated. The feeling of thirst overcoming us is one of the last symptoms our body will give us before dehydration has fully set it. Before this, we experience feeling tired, slow or sluggish. The inability to focus. And quite often this happens during the 3 pm slump most of us experience, leaving us with no energy to move around.

The HCG Diet diet works by allowing the body to use up stored calories for energy; other wise known as fat. While we don’t recommend heavy exercise, general moving around is required. Being sluggish and slow will be a contributing factor in not allowing your body to tap into those fats stores.

From the time you become dehydrated, it can take 1-2 hours for your body to rehydrate again after you replenish with water thoroughly. During this slump, your body will be screaming for energy and the only way it knows how to get energy, is through food. And NOT through healthy food.

Your body will crave carbs and sugars which can lead to you being “overwhelmed” hunger, thus leading to a cheat (or a slip up as we like to call them).

Water helps to flush out the system.
The HCG diet also works similar to a detox. Our bodies don’t really like detoxing for the most part. We may get side effects, such as rashes or pimples, cramps and even headaches. Water will help minimise the side effects and help the detoxing part pass with ease. This is usually the first 3-4 days of the Hcg Diet.
Water will also help to keep you “bathroom regular.”

We recommend drinking 2-3 litres of water per day while on phase 2. Although this can seem overwhelming, I find using a small water bottle helps and just refilling it many times as opposed to sitting at your desk with a 1.5-litre bottle of water knowing this is only half of the mission to complete.

At a guess, about 80% of our clients that have a stall will admit to not drinking enough water, with many drinking less than one litre during the day. This is always the first thing that we address and almost always fixes the stalling going forward.

Drinking 2-3 litres of water is a good target, on or off the diet. You will feel more energised in the afternoons, which of course is excellent for evening walking or going to the gym to maintain your weight loss after you have reached your goal weight using the HCG Diet.

In conclusion:
Never underestimate the power of having plenty of water running through your body. So try to make an effort every hour or to drink a large glass of water. Even set a reminder on your phone to make sure you don’t forget. You will thank your self for it.

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