Drinking Water On The HCG Diet

Water, Water Every where!….

Let’s talk about drinking water on the HCG Diet. Not only the importance of water while doing the HCG Diet, but also the dangers of drinking too much.

1. Drinking enough water while doing the HCG Diet can play a massive role in not eating too much. Sometimes you can think you are hungry when in actual you are thirsty or becoming dehydrated. Always assume this is the case and treat it as your first line of defence before chowing down that extra snack. Try a hot drink such tea or coffee with stevia and see if you are still feeling hungry afterwards.

2. Make sure you drink throughout the day. And not all at once.

Did you know that your little ole kidneys can only process about 700-800 ml of liquid per hour when resting? So it’s never a good idea to chug down 3 Litres in 20 mins. It could be a bit taxing on your kidneys and can cause an electrolyte imbalance. Dilution of salt in your blood. But you have to drink a lot of water for this to happen, 7+ litres per day) Without over thinking this to much, try to space out your 2-3 litres as evenly as you can throughout the day.

If you are ever worried about your electrolytes being out of whack, a cup of hot tea with a pinch of salt will get them back to where they should be.

In the original HCG Diet Protocol that was written by Dr Simeons, he recommends a minimum of 2 litres of water per day.

3. How Do You Know If you have had enough water?
In the morning your pee should be pale or almost clear. And there should be plenty of it! With exception, if you are taking high doses of vitamin C. (This can make urine a bright yellow colour)
If you ever notice that your pee is dark in colour… then you are already dehydrated. The darker the colour, the more you need to drink.

4. Even when you have finished the HCG Diet
Weigh yourself daily for a week after the Diet. Your weight should remain pretty much the same when you weigh yourself in the morning. If you’re not drinking enough water and your body will become dehydrated, And your body is going to hold on to water, and you may see bigger fluctuations on the scale.  A good example we’ve probably all experienced this phenomenon is when you eat three slices of pizza and a beer with your friends one night and the next morning, your face is feels swollen, your rings won’t budge, and you weight 2 Kgs more on the scale than usual. All that’s happening is that your body is retaining water to compensate for all the sodium you took in.
A sudden change in salt intake can cause water retention, making it appear you have put on weight.

So remember 2-3 litres of per day, evenly spaced throughout the day. This is very important for Phase 2 of the diet. It will contribute significantly to your weight loss, help prevent stalls, energise you, and make your skin look great.

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