New Years Resolution…the easy way.

About this time, every year, I get so many messages from people wanting to lose weight for their New Years resolution. More often than not my response surprises them. It’s not to do with the HCG Diet, but instead to make some basics goals in regards to lifestyle. The first being to consciously makes healthy choices. No it does not mean you have to become a vegan….:)

Without these basic goals any weight loss that will occur, could easily put back on again. Making a New Year Resolution to be more just a little more healthy is actually the first step.
How to lose the weight will naturally follow.

This simple mind-shift moves you from thinking of ‘quickly losing the weight”, to losing the weight and keeping it off for the whole year. In addition to feeling healthier, looking great and most likely living a just little bit longer.

So here are my tips to get you on track so you can get that 2019 New Years resolution sorted and in the bag.

1. Make the Resolution to “Make Healthier Choices.” These need to be realistic goals. Such as, every weekend you want to do a walk for at least 30mins. To carry a bottle of water to work with you, so you are always hydrated. Eat two pieces of fruit per day. Or set a calorie limit using an app such as MyFitnessPal. By Making some small and easily achievable goals, it becomes easy to manage. It does not require you to change who are. You are not becoming a vegan. You are not getting up at 5 am to go to the gym or attend Boot Camp. It has no financial outlay. It’s just a few small changes that will help you to maintain the weight loss that you have accomplished.

2. Have a plan. Have a plan. Have a plan.
I cannot stress the importance of putting a plan together. A plan, that will kick in at the start of January. Preparation is key here. You want to know exactly what you will be doing and have everything in place.
The main parts to think of here are “Make healthier choices for 2019”. What are your choices? Write them down. Stick them to the mirror in the bathroom. Use the reminder and calendar on your phone.

3. Keep track of what you have been doing. Using an app such as My fitness pal you can update your weight, what you have been eating and help set goals for the week ahead. I use this when I get into bed at night, and it only takes a minute or 2. It’s a great way to keep things on track and in perspective.

4. Lastly, how will you get to your goal weight? It is important that you have everything you need for that start date including the correct foods. No matter how you lose the weight whether it is our HCG diet program or any other method. Planning is the key to results. And results are what keep us motivated.

So in summary, take 10 minutes out this weekend to come up with a few small lifestyle changes for 2019. What is your ideal weight you would like to be and by what date and get everything in place for the start of January so you can kick the New Years Resolution in the butt!

Every single one of us has the power and the strength to change. If you would like to speak to one our support team about getting to your goal weight, please call us on 0800 035 594.
And remember the 1st of January 2019 only happens once…. ever.


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