Progress So Far: Day 40

We have all been called these names at least once right? They smack you right in the gut. What do we do about it? We hide away, eat, and watch television pitying ourselves.

Well I’m proud to say I’m not that person anymore. My name is Kym. I’m a solo mother of two young children. Early childhood issues are what made me start to put the weight on.  I have always classed myself as the big girl, the un-popular one especially at family functions, school. I have tried diets, Shakes, Pills, gymming. Nothing worked. My mind was stuck in this lazy wonderland. I had to change and stop blaming others for me getting bigger and bigger by the day. 
Portion control didn’t exist to me eating till I felt sick was the way to go.

A friend told me about this diet she was on and how she’s lost weight instantly. I Googled The HCG Diet. Lynette and Lynley inspired me. Especially since they both came from my hometown of Matamata. The next day I ordered The HCG. Starting at 108.7kgs Going from as much food as I liked to almost nothing was hard. Morning weigh-ins was my motivation. Day-20 I had lost 8.1kgs I was feeling great. I wrote all my updates on Facebook and inspired fellow Matamata folk to also start of their weight loss journey.

Day-40 I weighed in at 92.3kgs. I lost a whopping 16.4KGs and 70cms…Over half a metre!!! YAHOO

I SWEAR 2013 and the rest of my life I WILL eat healthier and I WILL feel good about myself on the outside as well as the inside. 

I’m currently doing a six week programme at a gym and lost 17.6cm in two weeks. I will definitely be doing The HCG Diet again soon.  I am so happy to have inspired others to do this diet. My best mate and her partner have together lost 19kgs and still going. This isn’t just a diet it’s a definite lifestyle change.

I am so very proud of my results and I wish everyone good luck x

Kym V (Matamata)



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