Lost 13kgs!

The weight was increasing. I saw photos of myself at a work function and I was disgusted in myself. The weight had crept in “without warning” and one day when I weighed myself, I burst into tears. I was heavier now than I was at my biggest during my second pregnancy (and that was heavy). My mom had told me about this diet that her friends were on and how successful they had been. Needless to say, I purchased the starter pack that very night and began the diet as soon as it arrived. I was very skeptical because of the 500 calories per day but I can honestly say that I NEVER had a hungry day during the course of HCG. That , besides the weight loss, was a total mystery to me. Every day that weight was less and less and for someone who is used to seeing the scale go the other direction, it was a mini celebration each morning.

In the beginning I would weigh myself, go sort the children out for kindy, then go back and weigh myself again- just to make sure J. Experimenting with recipes was interesting- sometimes they were delicious, others not so successful but I recorded every meal and every gram of weigh loss to see the trend develop. Some meals revealed more weight loss so I stayed away from meals showing a very small weight loss each time. I stuck to the diet 100%- no cheats at all and I lost 13kg. I have kept that off for +/- 6 months now and I am happier than I have been in ages. I still weigh myself every day and if the weight is threatening a bit, I do my steak day- Marvellous trick!

Roslyn Hermitte (Auckland)



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