16Kg in 40 Days

I have never been a slim women.

When I had my first child I didn’t care about putting the kilos on as i have always loved food and believed when I’m carrying my babies “my baby tells me what to eat, I would EAT it!! I didn’t realise till after my second child that I was over weight? at 109kgs then i did something about it.
Some real hard training and alot of time I managed to loose a few pounds. Then I fell pregnant with my third child, and again I ATE & ATE!! Without loosing the weight I had gained I then got pregnant with the fourth child !!!!!

Goodness me, after many many ways of dieting for many years. I found an awesome product called the HCG diet!! I told myself “not another diet” But their was something about this that it was going to work for me. I said to myself the days when we go to the park… The days when we go for dinner…. The days we go to the beach….. The days we go on holiday…. The days when I go shopping….. etc…….


In the last few years  I have so many times broken down and felt so angry with my self and seriously was not able to cope day to day with raising my family, all because I was over weight and felt uncomfortable, “a memory” my husband was taking me to the beach with friends, I didn’t no what to wear.

Well I couldn’t wear togs as I didn’t feel the confidence, so I put a tshirt on “BUT the sleeves were to short and I didn’t like too much of my arms showing? So I put my cardigan on “why did I wear black to the BEACH “I  was all in black!!!! On a hot summers day. I couldn’t believe it but I realised that’s all I had in my draws BLACK “black makes you look slimmer!!!! I told myself I hate black, that’s not my colour…  So that’s an example of being over weight and uncomfortable.

I thought I’m going to give The HCG Diet a go, I know its going to work because I researched it! I was truly amazed!!! I then said to myself “I have to make this work this time this is going to be the last diet I go on”
I then went to bed extremely excited, it was like I had already lost the weight.  I had to tell my sister about it as she also has struggled with weight issues, she thought it sounded fantastic, she asked “when are you going to start”  I replied “next pay day” She said “Mel this sounds so great we need to do it now!!”

She kindly brought me the HCG drops!! I was over the moon, so we started together!! Wow!! Starting weight at 94kgs the first week things began to happen, I couldn’t believe it in 7 days I was weighing in at 88.9kg at this stage it was so exciting.

I was getting up at 5am to weigh myself!! Believe me that’s just the start!! Then as I got in to my second week, I started bending the rules a lil (I got a tad comfortable) So i had a lil extra at meals then their was a stall.

I then found out when you do this you don’t meet half way you go all the way!! So back we go to the lil book of excitement. Following the guidelines and then the pounds started coming off again, people started noticing and I was feeling great, I said to my sister I’ve been writing a craving list….. I read it out and it went on and on and on…….. I couldn’t wait to finish my 40 days to enjoy my craving list…… 2 weeks went by……. Now that craving list is in the BIN!! Because I realised that list is what got me into a depression for so many years, I am so proud to say I have gone ALL THE WAY  to complete the HCG diet and my lifestyle for the rest of my life is to eat in a mature manner, and to stay healthy!!!

Leaving this experiance weighing in at 78kgs. With a total loss of 16kgs!!


Melanie Gregoire




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