10.3 Kgs in 23 Days

I was hospitalised until the last day when I gave birth to my beautiful, healthy baby girl

But my body took a toll.

I had gone from a mere 64kgs to a whopping 89kgs and by the time I realised what had hit me, I was at rock bottom in my life with 2 young ones to look after and a totally different me. I was shattered and in to pieces when i came across your site. I had no where to run but my husband who has been my best friend, my mother, my teacher, my companion.

I broke down in front of him and cried for help, it was then I decided to give this a shot. Honestly it wasn’t so much about my weight and looks it was about what I wanted of myself and what I had become. They were just 2 different people.

Circumstances were harsh. I was so vulnerable that I lost a grip on myself and happiness. I was being unfair to my two beautiful babies who needed me the most.

I cant thank that moment enough when I spoke to you guys (Damian) and went ahead with the purchase. You have no idea what difference you had made to my life and my family.

You guys are unknowingly gathering blessings from a lot of people, trust me. You have put smiles on sooooo many faces . Wow, I cant thank you enough for making me what I thought of myself to be. If I could have pulled it off with acute complications anyone can. Motherhood is not about compromise, its about happiness and it shouldn’t hold anyone back .

Rose and at the HCG Diet —- You have made a difference in peoples lives.
You should be Proud.

My starting weight on the diet : 74 kgs
My weight post 23 days : 63.7 kgs
Rose and at the HCG Diet —-  You have made a difference in peoples lives, You should be Proud.

Aaina Chahal

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