Lost 15 Kgs so far!

I’m 19 years of age and I have tried heaps of other defends diets, going to the gym 2 times a day and it just used to drain all my energy after so long so I always stopped and just went back to how I was before I started.

That’s when I found out about HCG diet drops and I thought they were to good to be true when my aunty was telling me about how she started on them and it gave her more energy and motivation to do things and she had lost 15kgs in 2weeeks. She inspired to get the drops and I thought if she can do it so can I so I went online order the drops….

I’m on my last 2weeks of my diet and I have lost over 15kgs, my first week of doing the hcg diet I lost 8kgs I was so happy I feel more energy and healthy now then what I used to feel, I was writing my status on my facebook page on how I was going and how much I was losing everybody was amazed on how well I was doing and also keeping up with it, I got over 60 likes and people commenting what are you doing I want to do it to and I would just tell them HCG look it up.
I wake up early in the mornings go for walks and lite runs trying to get myself fit for netball session and waka ama.

My up’s and down’s: the hardest thing I found about beening on the diet was not aloud to drink, my first 2weeks was okay then the next week after that was really hard it was a hot day and we had Kapa Haka practice the whole day and all I could think about was going home and having a few cold ones and i thought to myself no stop making yourself think like that otherwise it wont go away and sure enough it didn’t and by the time I got home I really felt like a drink so I went to the bottle store got me a 12pack started to drink, drunk pretty much my whole box and then i realise what I was doing and stopped drinking and just drunk water for the rest of that night I felt so stink for just drinking that night and I said to myself “that’s it no more cheating or doing anything else while my on the diet” so I pushed myself and I still haven’t touched a drop and it feels great knowing that i can sit around my mates and watch them drink and not feel like one 🙂 the drops have help me slow down on my drinking and all my fatty food eating KFC was another biggie but I have manage to not have any.

Rangihinemutu Rawiri


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