Size 22 to a 14

Every time I walk past a mirror I do a double take, because for the first time in 8 years I can see “me” again.  Happy, vibrant, joyful, confident, healthy me! 

For too long it felt like a stranger staring back at me, covered in kilos of discontent, overwhelm, tiredness and drudgery.  Kilos that have just sat there year after year.  I’ve tried to move them many times, but the goal always seemed insurmountable and the journey painfully slow and long.  And the excuses, I had many …too tired, not enough time, not enough money, more important things to do, I can’t do it myself I need help … and on and on the list went.

Then I stumbled across the hcg drops and diet plan.  This whole experience has been liberating, right from the get go.  It felt like bliss to let go of all the excuses, over thinking and indecision and just trust that simply following directions would result in weight loss (at the speed I’d always wanted but everyone said was impossible), and boy did it! 

Everyday felt like a victory when I stood on the scales and saw my numbers dropping.  Everyday I felt more vibrant, energetic, healthy and happy.  I’ve  finished 2 rounds of hcg and lost 30kg, I calculated that loosing this amount of weight at my usual pace (I have polycystic ovaries so it’s slow) would have taken me well over a year!  As of this morning my size 20-22 trousers are now a size 14, and that feels SO good. 

Everything just fell into place for me with this diet, the initial hunger was short lived and the returns made it easy to cope with (i don’t mind feeling hungry for a week if I loose 5kg in that time) it has reminded me about how I love to feel and how the food I eat impacts that.  I now find it easy to say no to foods that don’t make me feel good, or to stop eating at the right time.

So thank you The Hcg Diet it felt easy.  To anyone out there considering it, stop considering and just do it!

Vanessa Bevin (Christchuch)

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