18Kgs in 40 Days

I am Hayley, I’m 28 years old and this is my roller coaster ride to a better life for myself.
I was unhappy, uncomfortable and becoming unmotivated I would look at who I had become in the mirror and get upset, I have always struggled with my weight,  I was training at the gym 5 days, each week I would weigh myself and see  the same number, it was becoming heart breaking and depressing. While trolling on Facebook one day I saw that a couple of my friends were doing the HCG diet I could see their struggles but also the great results they had achieved, so I jumped on the HCG website read through and right there and then I made the decision to order the 40 day kit, I cooked my lunches and dinners every weekend to plan for my week ahead I felt this helped my eating habits transition a lot easier.

Day 1 was great, I was feeling positive and ready to go when I came to my first weigh in I have to be honest I was quite skeptical and expecting the worse  but when I looked down I had lost 2.4KGS  WOW,  this was awesome.After the first few weeks I had lost 10.9KGS. But then I hit a wall for 3 days I hadn’t lost any weight and I was becoming unmotivated again so I did the Apple day and sure enough I was back on track, by the time that 40 days had come around I had lost a total of 18Kgs I still have more I would like  to lose but I am feeling happy and confident I will get there.

I owe a lot to HCG its really worked for me and I hope my story will help other take the plunge to a better life for themselves.

Mount Maunganui

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