14Kgs…Bye Bye

So I started the HCG diet in Feb as I had come across it on FB, directed to there by a girlfriend of mine. I was a bit sceptical at first as I thought, “What could drops do?” But I’m glad I did!

I was overweight and sluggish before I started. I was buying clothes that looked awful on me because I would buy for the size I wanted to be, and not the size that I actually was. Then to have to buy clothes at a size, I didn’t think I was, to have them fit was a real eye opener.

I would see photos of myself and think how awful I looked. I felt awful too. I use to be a healthy skinny person, but now after three children, I was an overweight person.

As I work full-time, deal with three children (Four if you count the husband) time was limited. I knew I had to do something. So I tried HCG diet.

The first couple of days were hard, as I’m used to picking at food while I cooked or prepared meals. But I soon got into a routine of not picking. I stuck to it.

Today, I am 14 kgs lighter. I have more energy. I move more.  I do more. I laugh more. I like myself more. Everything is more that before. I have bought nice knickers and feel good wearing them. I have bought new dresses and get complimented how good they look.

It takes will power and determination, it takes discipline and routine, but it can be done. And after the first few days, it becomes easy. You don’t get hungry, and with weighing daily, you can see results everyday. I fully recommend it.

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