Already 5.6 Kgs down…

At the age of 12 I had always been the beefy one out of my group of friends. I weighed 83.5 kg’s.

I was always out and about and never at home. I had things to do every second of the day. I was playing so much sport and was pretty fit for my weight. I was never ashamed of how much I weighed.

I moved down South to Christchurch when I was just turning 13 to live with sister. A month went by and I had noticed that i couldn’t fit any of the clothes I had, they were obviously too small. At 13 years of age i was weighing in at 98.8 kg’s, it was also my first year at High School. I became so self conscious. At 14 years of age I had decided to move back up North because I thought things would be different. I’ll loose the weight and get myself back on track. But no, it only made things worse.

At 15 years of age weighing 104.8 kg’s I was shattered I felt so ‘fat’, so ‘ugly’. I was a size 18 at 15 years of age. When we would have P.E at school I would write a fake note saying I was sick and go cry in the bathroom cause of how worthless and fat I felt. I then moved back down to Christchurch to live with my sister. I told my sister about how I felt with my weight and what not, and that’s when she mentioned the HCG diet.

I was keen as to do it. I would have done anything to loose weight so easily and fast and also simple. So on Saturday the 9th of May, I had started my two loading days. Then on Monday the 11th of May I began the main phase. Weighing 103.8 kg’s.  I wasn’t hungry until tea time and I maintained the eating cycle that was set. It has been depressing these pass 6 day’s but every time i get on that scale, my confidence always builds up each and every single day. I am still 15 years of age and proud to say i am weighing in at 98.2 kg’s total loss of 5.6 kg’s in 5 days. It usually takes me about 3 months just to try loose 1 kg. Thanks to this diet i am now feeling more confident in what i can do and who i am as a person.

Thank you,

Hera Parekura (Satisfied customer)


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