I used to be 97Kgs!

My name is Amy, I am now 20 years old and feeling a lot more comfortable with myself. Growing up I was always a big girl; I was bullied in High School by not only girls but boys as well they would say things like “Pork Chop” and that I “would never have a boyfriend looking like this”.

I was 97kgs.

I hated going to social parties and doing physical education at school because of this. I tried Weight Watchers, but it didn’t give me the results I wanted. I was very depressed and upset with my body image.

Not long after this my older brother passed away. My mother, younger brother and I decided we wanted a change in lifestyle so we moved from Wellington to the Kapiti Coast for a fresh start.

My Aunty purchased a 40 day round of HCG for me. And I couldn’t wait to start! I found the first week hard as I was a big girl giving up sugars and fats.

I lost 10 kgs in the first two weeks, and that really motivated me to keep going. By the end of phase two I had lost in total 22kgs, I felt like the happiest person alive, and I had so much more confidence in myself.

Until I fell pregnant and gained a lot of weight, I put on 12kg. I am now on my second round of HCG and have already lost 9 kgs, and I’m only half way through phase 2 of another 40 day round.

This photo is before the second round and about halfway through it. Loss so far on this round is 9Kgs in about 20 days.

Thanks for reading my story xxx

Amy H


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