11 Kgs in 4 weeks

I would like to share my success story with everyone who is thinking about trying this diet but is not sure whether to do it or not. DO IT. It WILL change your life….


My journey started about 5 years ago. Growing up I was bullied for being ‘anorexic’. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and after years of ballet and healthy eating, I was different from my class mates and everyone around me, weighing only 50kgs when I was 18. My parents always told me it would catch up on me but at the time I didn’t believe or care. Then things changed, I started not caring about my health or the way I looked and started drinking and eating the wrong foods – and too often. Slowly but surely the weight started sitting around my legs and my tummy, and then my face. People no longer recognised me and I wasn’t getting bullied for being skinny, but instead the complete opposite. FAT. I would think to myself ‘how could I go from one extreme to the next?!’ and from there it was a never ending spiral, the worse I looked the less I cared and Vis versa. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Couldn’t win. I was stuck in a world of depression and anxiety, too scared to go out and too depressed to even care. I alienated myself from so many different situations it just became a habit.

My family lost faith in me and the way I used to be and so did I.

Then it all changed. I was out celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday and I asked my mum to take a photo of us together( Before photo). Then it hit. How horrible I really looked. How big I had actually become. How sad and lost I was. That was it. I wanted things to change. I had heard a friend who had done this amazing ‘miraculous’ diet and I thought why not. 4 weeks on I have lost 11kgs and feel so much better in myself. I have self-worth again, confidence and respect for myself. And I have The HCG Diet to thank for this. To anyone who is feeling the way I felt, DO IT.

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