From 100.2kg to 77.2kg so far

After one 40 day round of HCG and up to day 24 on the second round of HCG I have gone from 100.2kg to 77.2kg.


That’s a loss of 23kg so far!! I only have another 8kg to go until I have reached my goal weight. Compared to when I started I have loads more energy and feel far less sluggish and tired. 

I came back to the HCG diet after doing HCG  a number of years ago. In recent years I have been unwell and bed bound a lot which caused my weight to increase by 30kg over the space of a couple of years. Before deciding to come back to the HCG protocol this year I had been trying to walk and go to the gym in order to start the weight loss journey, however I was just finding it so difficult to make any progress because of my size and the tiredness it caused. There was little movement with the scale and I was demoralised with trying so hard and not seeing any real results. 

HCG has been an awesome way for me to lose weight because I did not have the energy to exercise at 100.2kg
My strategy now is working which is to lose 30kg of weight on HCG first, then get back in the gym – I know it will be heaps easier to start and keep going with the gym once I’m down at my goal weight very soon.  

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