Lightest in 10 Years!

I have been on an amazing journey this past month and I am a week away from completing my first 40 days of the HCG diet.

I first heard of the HCG diet from a family member, seeing her and the results was enough for me to give this one a go.  I thought I had nothing to lose, I have tried a number of diets to lose weight, would lose 5-6kg and then struggle to shift anymore, no matter what I did. Then it all creeps back on and some. I honestly felt this was me, live with my weight.

So, when we got back from our holiday, I started the drops.  I can honestly say I haven’t looked back.  With each loss, my confidence grew and to some degrees my own self worth.

Last weekend, I went shopping in my wardrobe!  How exciting!  I was able to wear clothes I haven’t worn in over 7yrs!  I’m the lightest I have been in 10yrs.  So very satisfying to give away my bigger clothes that no longer fit!  It’s an amazing feeling!
My husband loves to buy me lingerie, which we haven’t done for at least 3yrs – the last purchase he brought me, I haven’t worn because they were uncomfortable and really didn’t fit.  I kept saying I would one day. Now, I’m back wearing lingerie sets!  I have cleaned out my draws and have only the items that I plan on to continue wearing.  So exciting!My heaviest  was 101kg (I cringe looking at photos), I am now 87kg.  I would still like to lose another 7-10kg – I am definitely going to do another 26 days to reach my goal.

I really couldn’t recommend the HCG diet more highly, it is so easy.  I haven’t felt hungry or tired.

Give it a go, you have everything to lose ( in a positive way):)

Karyn Jenkins


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