First 23 days results.

I have always been very slim and trim (55kg), and then I had a hysterectomy and into a change of life and hormones went crazy. I have been frantic and searching for answers…

Dieting, doing research, trying everything in the book and to no avail. I would lose 3kgs and then pick up 7kgs.
Then I came across HCG on Google….isn’t Google just great.  I surfed through all the testimonies and saw myself in so many of the people. That is when I decided to bite the bullet and started the program.

I must say that I was expecting to lose at least a kilo a day but not so. It has been slow and constant, and over the last 23 days I have lost exactly 8.5kgs, and I feel wonderful already.

I weighed 109.75 kgs when I started and am currently 101.25kgs, and believe me when I say it makes a huge difference already. My bra strap now on the first hooks (not the third) and even my shoes are loose on my feet, and my face is thinner!!! And my double chin is nearly gone….still a way to go, but I am so motivated by my losses so far.
I find the course very easy and the recipes in the book are great.
Till the next update….all is worth it.

Muriel VW

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