14.8 Kgs in 30 Days

Before starting the diet i weighed 122.6kg, I started on the 1st of september doing a 40 day course.
On the first day of the healthy eating I weighed in at 123.8kg I had gained 1.2kg on the loading phase. My first initial thought was is this going to work for me, on the 4th day when weighing myself i was scared to look if it was a loss or gain.
I was so happy to see i had lost 2kg over night. Now i was standing there thinking wow how does that work, same thing the next day
another 2kg had gone. Standing there loving the results it had only been 5 days including the loading day and i had lost 4kg already i was STOKED. By the end of the first week my pants were already falling down and my shirts were no longer tight. In the second week i started feeling a little more hungry and have had times where i have eaten a little out of diet and had small weight gains of 200-500grams, but when i eat foods out of diet it makes me feel sick and wish I never ate it lol.
Almost every day I loose about 800grams to 1kg. I am extremely happy with the result am now on day 30 and lost a total of 14.8kg as of this mornings weight been 109kg.
I love how everybody is noticing and love my new look, more weight to come off as my goal is to get down to 90kg so still a little way to go but results are showing.


Jared Thompson



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