11.5 Kgs Down

I started my HCg Journey weighing 80kg,s and feeling very unhealthy and overweight, I had fallen into some very bad eating habits after the birth of my 2nd baby and was really struggling to get the baby weight off. A friend from work introduced me to HGC, with a great success story of her own, and I decided to give it a try. I started Mid Nov 2012 and found it challenging in the first week but after that, it has been a breeze. I found the food easy to follow and make and the key to success is ORGANISATION!!

Now I know that 11.5KG in 12 Weeks doesn’t have the headline effect of some people that lose huge numbers but we all know, the more weight you have to lose,the easier it comes off initially.  I have found that for me I have steadily lost 600 – 800 gms a day and can’t wait to get on the scales each morning to see what the new total is.  The HCG diet is a diet that works.  I was successful through Christmas and able to maintain my weight loss as guided by the HCG booklet.

There are definitely days where I may gain a few hundred grams and it can be disappointing, but I know that it is a constant cycle and the HCG guide have some tried and true plateau busters etc. that really helped keep me positive and I have been able to stick to my goals.  I am now currently at 68.5kg and feeling great. People at work are noticing and it is the motivation I need to keep going with my new healthy eating and way of life.  I am Actually at the same weight I was on my wedding day and am striving to get to my goal of 65Kg.  So thank you Rose and HCG,

Bodelle Cross


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