Size 20 to 12

“I am able to wear my favorite dresses again!”

My name is Fatima and I would like to share with you my journey to a new me. After I retired from my job as a teacher I moved to New Zealand with my family. I became depressed and I felt that I got old so life is over for me. I used those excuses to over eat unhealthy food and not exercise. Quickly after, I put on 20 Kg accompanied by lots of health problems. All my favorite dresses were too small for me and I was so disappointed. Then I started so many different yoyo diets but no success. Eventually I gave up and accepted this is me a fat, unhealthy, unhappy person for the rest of my life! 

Until few month ago my son bought me HCG drops that he had learnt from Dr Oz program. I was not motivated to use it and my son insisted. After 50 days I have lost 18 Kg.It was so fast. Amazingly, unlike all other diets I kept my weight off by eating healthier and working out 3 times a week. My doctor is very happy and there is no nasty numbers in my check up results. I am able to wear my favorite dresses again,I dropped from size 20 to size 12.I feel young and energetic. Next week is my birthday on 23 of September and I will celebrate a new beginning.

I would like to thanks my son for all the support, also HCG New Zealand to give me a kick start to real me again.

Fatima Kamalpour


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