17.5Kg Lighter so far!

I would like to start by thanking you all for this wonderful opportunity! I am 40yrs old and have Hashimoto’s Disease, an auto-immune disease that means my body’s immune system destroys the much needed cells of my thyroid. Seeing that the thyroid controls the body’s metabolic functions (cellular, digestive etc) I have struggled with unwanted weight issues for more than 20 years.

I have 4 girls (14 -22yrs) and a gorgeous grandson (2yrs) and was finding myself hiding away as nothing fitted and I didn’t want them to be ashamed of their mother.

I have tried all kinds of diets, some from the Internet, some under the direction of my GP but nothing worked. After one particular diet I was left feeling embarrassed when the pharmacist monitoring the Optifast diet accused me of cheating! In July of 2012 I discovered HCG and what a joy it has been! My starting weight was 87.2kg, I was finding life extremely hard with some basic personal hygiene tasks becoming increasingly difficult I knew it was time to give it one last chance.

I wasn’t looking to lose ALL my excess weight, I just wanted to drop enough to make exercise comfortable, to lose some of my tummy so it wouldn’t drag my pants down if I tried to run! After 4 weeks of strict eating I lost 13kgs, I felt amazing and my friends really noticed the difference. I had energy to play with my grandson and I was at last able to run safe in the knowledge my pants wouldn’t need yanking up with each step. After the maintenance period I joined a local bootcamp group, increasing my overall fitness over the 6 weeks I enrolled for.

I am now 2 weeks into a second round of drops, I’ve lost another 4.5kgs and a massive 28cms and for the first time in years I am under 70kgs. What an amazing feeling I can tell you!
I have so much energy I can’t believe it and even better, I’m loving my food again. I take time preparing my meals, thinking of fresh herbs and spices to enhance natural flavours, my family are also unwittingly eating it too!

I have the confidence to purchase new clothes for the first time in years, I love the way my body looks compared to a short 8 months ago and it’s all thanks to HCG Diet NZ! I have a few friends who were skeptical when I told them what I was doing, they are now believers! In fact; some have also traveled the road to success with HCG.

Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity, it truly has  changed my life and I’m loving it!

Bonnie Jobe (Hamilton)



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