My Ideal Weight

When I was younger, I the attitude that I can eat what I want, when I want with no adverse affects. People were constantly asking me “where do you put it?” this was all well and good when I was 18, as I would walk or bike to get around, this made it easier to maintain the slim figure people always commented on.

As I started to age, (and started to drive) I noticed that the weight slowly crept on. Now sitting at 64kgs I convinced myself this was a “healthier” me. At the age of 24, all the unhealthy eating caught up with me and I developed gall stones, I put up with the pain caused by this for about year but still I couldn’t say no to the fatty foods causing it. The doctors couldn’t figure it out as I didn’t fit the usual criteria, none the less in for surgery I go. It was at this point I swore that I would not eat any more junk food after this procedure.. it lasted about a week and I found myself back in the queue at the local fast food outlet.

A couple of years back (still sitting at 64kgs) I started dating my current partner, as he lived in Auckland and I was in Christchurch we would make time to see each other, a weekend here and there or occasionally a week or two at a time. During the time that we were visiting one another, we tended to rely on fast food for lunch and dinner as it was less time consuming. This may not have been so bad had I been exercising, but I wasn’t so of course, the inevitable happened, I went from (what I thought to be) a healthy 64kg up to a whopping 78kgs in the space of about 12 months.

My BMI put me in the obese category and my total body fat was above 30%, this weight gain started to depress me, I didn’t want to get undressed in front of the mirror and I didn’t want my partner looking at me naked, I was disgusted. I had friends joking about how I used to be slim and now I look like I’m pregnant. These comments hurts, and it was also these comments that have given me the motivation to get back to an ideal weight.

A work colleague was trying the HCG drops and seemed to be achieving successful results. So I took some reading material home and looked into it further. Upon considering it for a week or so, I decided to give it a go. I sent away for my 26 day kit.

My weight upon starting the diet was 78.3kgs, the meals and portion sizes weren’t too bad. I didn’t feel hungry and I wasn’t cranky. I really enjoyed experimenting with different HCG approved meals and even looked forward to preparing my meals for lunch. The only issue I had was that I saw my weakness advertised everywhere.. fast food .. on billboards, on the radio, on the sides of trucks, but against all odds, I managed to resist temptation.

By day 10, including the loading days I had lost an amazing 4.1kgs. Day 15, another 1.1kgs down, by day 26 I had lost a total of 5.5kgs, I was now sitting at 72.8 kgs. I couldn’t really notice the difference by looking in the mirror, but my measurements told another story.


Starting: 78.3kg 13/01

After Maintenance: 72.8kg 24/02

Total CM lost


33.9 cm

30.3 cm

3.6 cm

Belly Button

100 cm

92.5 cm

7.5 cm


102.5 cm

98 cm

4.5 cm


109.5 cm

104.5 cm

5 cm


58.8 cm

48.5 cm

10.3 cm


85.6 cm

80 cm

5.6 cm

Even though my weight loss doesn’t seem as extreme compared to some of the stories that I have read, 5.5kg is still a huge loss in my books especially in the time frame it was achieved. I joined the gym during the maintenance phase of the diet and have committed myself to going at least 3 times per week. One thing this diet has taught me is portion sizes, and healthier eating. I have been to McDonalds once, but opted for a weight watchers meal as opposed to the double quarter pounder with mayo combo and extra cheese burger that I would usually order.

With the wiser and healthier choices I have made when it comes to my diet, I am still losing weight. I am down to a healthier 72kgs, that is a total weight loss of 6.3kgs to date. I have gained a new found confidence within myself, and I can say that my partner is a very happy man lol.

My journey is still continuing, but I have the confidence and the motivation to keep on going, nothing will stop me now. I believe that if I hadn’t tried the HCG diet, I would still be struggling with my weight and my confidence. I would highly recommend this to other people committed to losing weight and maintaining that weight loss.

My new outlook on life is Nec opprimere nec opprimi – Neither to oppress nor to be oppressed.




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