12Kg in 40 Days

After many years of yo yo dieting and my weight almost reaching 100kg I decided enough is enough. I needed something quick and effective as I had lost motivation in the past when dieting took forever.

After reading about hcg and it’s successes I decided to try it. What stood out in particular was the using of your own fat stores and releasing the deep fat around your organs. I felt like a bear who had built up huge fat stores and it was time to use them up! I began my first round weighing in at 96kg and did 40 days ending at 84kg.

The diet was easy as the choices were limited and you had to plan the day so it meant no cheating. The biggest plus was zero appetite! After being someone who loved to eat, to not be hungry and not be thinking constantly about food was a very welcome change.

I have very easily maintained my new weight as my appetite has reduced and I have more energy.
I love feeling slimmer and my new shape and body and have had MANY compliments.

I have one more round to do to get to my target weight which I know I will get to thanks to this diet. Highly recommend it for a boost to your health, a quick path to weight loss and feeling good about you.”

Ruth Diggles

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