22Kgs Lighter

I started my HCG journey weighing the heaviest I have ever been: 199.1lb (90.31Kg). I am 167cm (5ft 5inch).
I was coming to the end of a two year Postgraduate Diploma, whilst working full time and I had piled on the weight, junk food and wine had become my vices for managing stress and late night assignments. I was feeling down about how I looked and was always tired. I hated being asked out by friends or family as that meant needing something to wear, and nothing I owned fitted. I couldn’t bring myself to go in to shops and buy the next size up, so I made up excuses and didn’t go out. This came with its own punishment as I would then feel bad about not being able to go out and comfort eat myself up another few pounds.

“This diet has not only helped me to look and feel great, but it has also changed my way of thinking about food.”

Most Monday’s would see the start of a new diet and by the weekend, sometimes even sooner, I’d be right back on the junk and fast food train! The first week was tough. I thought at first it was hunger but soon realized the biggest challenge was my own mind; that little voice saying just give up, have a bar of chocolate, start after this holiday or that weekend, or do another diet that you can eat more on. The only trouble was I had tried all of those ‘other diets’ before. I’d do well for a while and then I’d think ‘oooo I’m skinny now, so I can eat whatever I want!’ and I did, and the weight went back on bringing a few extra pounds with it for good measure.

There were several times ‘that little voice’ nearly convinced me to quit, but each time I felt that way I told myself I would wait until the next morning and make the decision when I got on the scales and/or took my measurements; this seemed to keep the voice at bay. The next morning I was always pleased I hadn’t given up. Even on the days the scales didn’t show much movement I wasn’t too dismayed as it became about what I had already lost and I knew further loss would follow.

I am just about to finish my second round of 40 day HCG; I maintained my weight for five months after the first round, before embarking to loose the final lot of weight, and once again have seen amazing results. The weight loss has been slower than the first round, but I have lost inches more quickly. Being able to fit in ‘those pants’ or ‘that dress’ that I haven’t fitted in for years has made small losses on the scale insignificant.

Feeling better about myself was the main reason I started this diet and 47.6lbs (21.59Kg) lighter and down three dress sizes, I have certainly achieved that goal. I’d be lying if I said the comments and compliments from family, friends and colleagues haven’t also helped keep me on track! On the 15 April, my partner proposed (I said YES!) and I can’t wait to start trying on dresses and walk down that aisle, because I feel good about me!

This diet has not only helped me to look and feel great, but it has also changed my way of thinking about food- I no longer want processed food or crave sugar and salt. Of course, I know there will be times when I will indulge but the difference, this time, is, I know I am no longer controlled by these foods.

Allison Mckellar

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