15.7 Kg Lighter!

Hi my name is Samantha Fairhurst and i am 21 years of age.

After struggling with weight as a teenager I became dependent for food not only as a meal but I found i was comfort eating alot..
After hearing about the HCG from my friend who was also doing this at the time and seeing what she had written on the website and the journey she was going through i thought it couldn’t be true, I texted her and she told me everything i wanted to hear. so i rang my mum and told her check this website out and we sat down had a talk about it and both decided to  have a go, my mum has been dealing with the same issues as me and had been trying diet after diet with all of them a huge fail.

We made the payment and I couldn’t wait for my parcel to arrive in the post, I told my partner and he thought it was to good to be true.
So the day came where it finally arrived and I was right into it the next day. In 1 week i had lost a total of 5kg!! I was looking healthy and feeling $1000 dollars. It was good having my mum helping me through the journey i would look forward every morning to hopping on the scales when almost 4 weeks ago they were my WORST ENEMY!! me and mum would ring each other every morning and inform how much we had lost how we were feeling etc..While on the HCG i started to find it difficult with coming home and cooking my partner a yummy looking roast pork or I would struggle when we had friends over to watch the rugby or league while everyone was enjoying a nice cold beer after a long days work, but I pushed myself and found it wasnt so hard, I could enjoy some roast beef without the gravy or I could enjoy having a drink with everyone after work, just a glass of water or 2 in a nice fancy wine glass, and unlike them after a awesome night with my friends I would wake up the next morning feeling 100% but those days where I did struggle my mum  was only a phonecall away if it wasn’t for her helping me I don’t know how I would be going to this day!

So when i first started this I was a whopping 99.5kg feeling depressed and I hated going out of the house and now I am 83.8!! I have lost 15.7kg and I love myself!!!
my partner has noticed a huge difference in my self esteem and has obviously noticed a change in my appearance!! Im happy to go to the local and have a beer with my partner or happy to wake up every morning knowing how good i look and feel!

Im looking forward to starting another 40days, and my mum also.

So HCG I want to thank you for helping me become a better me a more confident healthy woman.
Also i need to acknowledge the support of my mum, she is truly amazing and my partner without these 2 things would be alot different.

Once again thank you so much.
I look forward in sharing my next journey with you 🙂
Heres to a healthy fitter me!

Samantha Fairhurst
New Plymouth


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