HCG Diet Starter Kits

Where to Start…

smallkit21. The Basics – HC-Slim Starter Kits

When starting the HCG Diet for the first time it is highly recommended that you begin with a HC-Slim Starter Kit. These kits are available in 26 and 40 Day courses and included is the HC-Slim Guide Booklet. This will give you the essential tools needed to complete the diet successfully.

2. HCG Diet Boosters and Helpers

In addition to a HC-Slim Starter Kit we have a range of products that will help you along your journey. While they are not essential to complete the diet, they will increase your results.
These products included:

HCG Diet Approved Shakes – Available in Vanilla or Chocolate, they can be used as a meal or snack replacement if you are on the go. Or even add strawberries for a delicious fruit smoothie.

Control – Control is an all natural appetite suppressant. Taking Control while on Phase 2 will keep away the hunger pains and help you to feel fuller longer. Drastically reducing the likelihood or cheating or “Slip Ups”.

PowerSlim – Power Slim is an all natural advanced weight management formula, especially developed to be used in conjunction with The HCG Diet for increased results by minimising and breaking stalls in your weight loss.

3. Getting Started

Next simply select below if you would like to build your HCG Starter Kit which can included a 26 or 40 Day Starter Kit and your choice of the HCG Diet Booster and Helpers. Or simply select if you would like just the basic Starter Kit. A Discount will be applied to bundle option.

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